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What is VIM/Value Investing Mentorship™?

Hi! My name is Chris Susanto and I am the founder of VIM, an investment education company based in Singapore, teaching value investing in a private mentorship structure of 4 people or less. So it's a proper mentorship, not just another investment course.

I've been studying and investing in the stock market for around a decade since I was 21, and coached many business owners and professionals, including 2 Forbes 30 under 30 honorees, 1 TEDx Speaker and 1 private jet pilot on value investing.

We are small. But our private community is growing in number by the month. If you're ready to take the leap to learn how to invest properly and recover your time so you can spend more time for hobbies and with your loved ones, I'd love to chat.

Act fast. Because of the nature of my private mentorship program (and my limited bandwidth as I am also a full-time investor), I can only accept 28 new students per year.



Founder of VIM and Board Member at Bansea, Asia's Oldest Angel Investment Network

If you are looking for someone who is not pushy...

"If you are looking for someone who is not pushy and very nurturing to help you out in your investing journey, you should look for Chris." - Eugene Cheng, Forbes 30u30

"Chris is a knowledgeable, insightful and experienced investor. His 4M1S framework is a good foundation for anyone who wants to learn investing. Through his guidance, I’ve achieved 100% returns for my portfolio within half a year. Thanks Chris!" - Jake Ler, Co-Founder of
"Before I was really unsure about investing, but after going through VIM sessions, I have gained lots of clarity and can see how to value companies and go about investing in a calculated and safer way." - Ridjal Noor, Director at Saffrons
"Chris is a great teacher! The investing lessons are very practical and the knowledge are taught in an easily digestible manner. Truly a good balance between educational and practicality which prepare us into an actionable real-world investing." - Ming Seng, Associate Division Director at PropNex

Chris has been Seen On:

"Value investing, the strategy of investing in securities trading at an appreciable discount from underlying value, has a long history of delivering excellent investment results with very limited downside risk." - Seth Klarman, CEO of The Baupost Group

So you want financial freedom and security.

But do you know how to achieve it?

If you're on this page, it's likely that you are a driven and ambitious person who believes in putting in the work now, for a better future you can enjoy.

More time with family, more time doing what you love.

Most of my mentees were the same.

They tried on their own for years on end to achieve this dream.

This might sound like something that you've tried:

  1. Attending guru courses to "Get Rich Quick"
  2. Day trading, Forex and other highly-speculative methods
  3. Using fixed deposits, endowment plans and investment-linked insurance policies
  4. Working hard at work in the hope of a promotion that's hard to come
  5. Taking on massive loans to buy real estate to rent out

My view is most don't make much, some could even lose a lot of money.

Instead of making money, people end up feeling exhausted and frustrated that they did not achieve their goals.

For those that make some profits, the returns, at times, hardly justify the effort, time, and stress.

Doing nothing today,

leaves you poorer tomorrow

Inflations are here.

What are you doing to grow your wealth today?

If you have $100,000 in the bank today - this will only be worth around $36,800 25 years from now with just an assumption of 4% yearly inflation rates. Your hard-earned savings will bleed because of inflation sitting in the bank. It is inevitable.

Even Ray Dalio - one of the legendary investors, says, "Cash Is Trash."

Conversely, if you had invested $30,000 in Microsoft 15 years ago, you'd be sitting on a 7-figure gain.

Recent technological advances are making it easier and cheaper for all of us to buy shares of companies in the stock market.

But many are buying blindly and based on greed/fear.

Which is wrong.

6 Steps to Transform Your Life

Hear what the students that Chris has taught have to say...

from all walks of life, business owners, senior professionals, doctors, and even engineers

What Sherwin, Senior Vice President & Head, Distribution Business Management at Prudential (Previously Head of GrabCar Plus) Says About VIM Coaching

Sherwin attended a group value investing course in Singapore before.

Because of a lack of individual attention in large group courses, he finds it hard to take actual action.

In VIM Coaching, Chris educates him effectively on the key mindset and specific action shifts he should be focusing on in his investment.

On top of that, he also finds massive value in our monthly stock case studies, monthly mastermind, and the quality of the VIM community (because we do not just accept anyone who wants to join).

What Joel, Head of Conversions at GrowthTribe Says About VIM Coaching

Joel was a total newbie at investing, analyzing and valuing companies listed in the stock market before he joined VIM. After joining, this is what he have to say.

value investing mentorship course singapore
Sheng Wei, Machine Learning Engineer at Datarobot

"Chris have already helped me generate a tidy profit since I bought my first stock!"

value investing mentorship course singapore
Darren, Doctor

"Chris has been very generous and sincere in imparting his well-versed knowledge in stock investing!"

value investing mentorship course singapore
Russell, Former Real Estate Fund Manager

"Chris gave a step by step guidance and answered all my questions to give me the confidence to enter my first trade."

value investing mentorship course singapore
Ravi, QC Manager from a Leading MNC in Singapore  

 "Despite having >15 years of stock investing experience, I needed Chris's guidance to stay focused."

value investing mentorship course singapore
Matthew, Startup Founder

"I've been joining Chris's class for more than a year now and I have profited between 20-40% of my stocks already."

value investing mentorship course singapore
Hansen Bun, Business Owner

 "Thanks to Chris, I recently made more than $50K USD in just one single stock."

value investing mentorship course singapore
Jian Wei, Management Associate

"VIM Coaching is a comprehensive and condense course in which it skips through all the "Fluff" you see on the internet and goes directly into the key information we need to make an informed decision."

value investing mentorship course singapore
Kevin, Director at an Single Family Office in Singapore

"Chris has helped me to come out with my own personal investing methodology with Warren Buffett's investing principles at its root. I was looking for something more in depth and after attending it, it's exactly what I was looking for. The value compounds like a good investment - VIM Coaching is worth at least $50,000."

value investing mentorship course singapore
Jess Liu, Director at DBS

"Chris's Exclusive 1:1 Mentorship has changed my life financially for the better. So far I have made over 20% in just 1 stock that I invested in. The profit that I got easily covered multiple times the fees I invested in the club. He is a passionate value investor and it is evident in the work that he put in for his members."

"I was able to use stats to justify whether to buy a stock instead of just pure feelings or just following the flow." - Augustine, Founder of Supreme Solution
"Chris is an excellent teacher and coach. He has patience not attributed to other teachers. Previously, I thought that by putting my money in and time the market to get the capital gains. The time in the market is more important than timing the market." - Mohd Ghazali, Math teacher
"Value investing is like buying a discounted ticket to a popular concert. It's a strategic bet that the market will eventually recognize the stock's actual worth, leading to potential profit."

Let me be clear.

VIM is NOT for everyone.

I can and only want to help people with the right mindset and attitude

Who VIM is FOR:

You've invested for years, but still have trouble beating the market

I'll share my unique approach to investing even beginners can apply.

You want more attention and privacy

I only coach in small groups. Results are greater and learning is maximized.

You still have an income but want to diversify your streams

Regular income lets you regularly invest and grow more wealth over time.

You're open to markets outside Asia to get access to the best companies in the world

My method works for all markets, but generally, you'll invest in the US.

You have a decent amount of spare cash

You need some capital to make profits.

You consider yourself a 'beginner' in stock investing looking for guidance

I'm looking for mentees/students with an open mind who wants to take massive action.

Who VIM is NOT for:

You're looking to get rich quick in months

No responsible person will promise you this.

You want a community of hundreds of people

I believe in quality over quantity.

You are in debt and will take years to settle

You should focus more on savings first.

You're only focused on SGX

You'll not be able to find as many quality companies in SGX as compared to the S&P 500.

You don't have much capital to invest

Tougher to see significant gains.

You are not open to learning and put in time and money

Then we might not be of the right fit.

Where else might you have seen Chris?

value investing course singapore

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value investing course singapore

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stock investing course singapore

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value investing course singapore

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A lot of financially free people are often skilled investors.
Are you?
value investing mentorship course singapore

Work Less, Make More

You're at the point of decision here. You can choose to learn it on your own, watching hours of free online videos and punting in the markets with your hard earned money.

Or you can take the roads less traveled and work with someone who will tell you honestly the mistakes you're unconsciously making and guide you to success in your investing journey.

One year from now, will you look back and see how far you've come? Or will you realize you're in the same place you were in the year before?

The path of least resistance here would likely result in similar outcomes. If you want something different to happen you'll need to do something different.

LEGAL DISCLAIMER: We are not licensed or otherwise regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, and in particular, are not licensed or regulated to carry on business in providing any financial advisory service. The information provided by VIM/Re-ThinkWealth Online Academy ( is for general information and educational purposes only and is not intended to be personalized investment or financial advice.

Please read our full disclaimer and terms of service here.

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